Are you looking for a corporate domicile in the Greater Zurich area namely Zurich-Schlieren? We can launch a company in Switzerland for you – quickly, reliably and with a minimum of red tape.


  • We can set up, register and establish corporate entities.
  • We can support you with the organization and search for an appropriate company domicile, and find premises, laboratory and production facilities.
  • We can provide ad interim management staff.
  • We can help with the selection and hiring of local employees.

Are you looking for investment opportunities in Zurich and Switzerland? We can answer your questions in a personal initial discussion, which will allow us to put together a package of tailor-made services to propose you. For example:


  • We can conduct a search for you for companies that are suitable as an investment or partnership.
  • We can prepare for you a selection of local business as potential distribution/sales partners.
  • We can provide needed liaison services with local authorities.
  • We can call upon a network of specialists with technical expertise and language competence in a wide range of areas.

Establishing a company domicile


"We build bridges between Asia and Switzerland"


"The potential of Asia – keep up with the pace"


Do you need access to the Asian market? We will be happy to put our many years of experience at your service. We develop solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, and we can accompany you step-by-step in the development of your business.


  • We can conduct market and situation analyses for you.
  • We can structure, transform and develop your Asian business.
  • We can register your company in Asia.
  • We can help you select local business and distribution/sales partners.
  • We can set up procurement offices for you.
  • We can find and contract with international or local experts for you on location.

Analysis and development